FYI # 1-
The manufacturer may not warranty your shingles if proper maintenance is not kept up or
pressure washed.

FYI # 2-
The diminished value by algae growth could affect any needed insurance claims due to lack of
due care. In other words if your shingles are already degraded by lack of maintenance this
could be used to minimize your claim. Many insurance companies are now excluding (or at
least limiting) coverage for molds, check your individual policy or contact your agent. Some
insurance companies are cancelling policy's for "excessive growth" on roofs, we have a letter
from one very large insurance agency on file explaining this issue.

FYI #3-
The algae infestation on your roof  could be a cause of health problems for allergy sensitive or
the elderly. Here is an article written by : Dr. Morgenroth
Dr. Morgenroth is a semi-retired, adjunct professor of neurology at UM.  He was a principal
administrator in the Environment Health and Safety Division of the Organization for Economic
Cooperation and Development (OECD) for 20 years; prior to that he was a Group Leader in the
Toxicology Division at the Center for Food Safety and Nutrition in the US Food and Drug Administration

FYI #4 -
It is cost effective to clean and maintain your roof system. Why should you pay TWICE for a 30
year roof system. With the growth of algae on your roof, it can shorten a 30 year shingle into a
15 year shingle. This can be prevented by maintaining your roof  only 3-4  times in 30 years. It
is cost effective and can save thousands of your hard earned dollars !!

FYI #5 -
Many roofers may claim that you need your roof to be replaced, while that might be true
depending on the age or other mitigating factors. We will NEVER clean a roof that needs a
TRUE replacement. We can advise you based on our 28 years of experience in roof systems,
if your roof is in dire need of a cleaning or replacing

So before you call out the roofer who wants to sell  you a new roof, Or a roof  cleaner
that will offer to clean a roof in any condition, give us the opportunity to offer a cost
effective solution for  your roof. We can offer a professional opinion on based on
experience and not your pocketbook.
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