Is your house FLIPPED upside down with dirt, mold and grime?
House upside down from mold and dirt
We can help to FLIP that dismal appearance back to the beauty it once had.
Our state of the art equipment and cleaning agents will take your home back in the time when your home
looked almost new.
When contemplating the chore to clean it yourself, it can easily be dismissed on a daily basis.
This is not an easy task for even the most handy homeowner.
It is most important to have the right equipment as well as proper cleaners and technique.

Technique is probably the biggest aspect in cleaning the exterior.
An example in technique is cleaning the soffit under the roof area, improperly jetting water into these areas
might cause your interior painted walls to get wet and may dislodge the soffit panels themselves.
This is because the water will travel up the exterior wall from the pressure and over the top.
What is on the other side is the interior of your home. (your painted drywall and insulation )
As a cleaning contractor we use various cleaning methods to prevent this kind of damage.
High pressure is NOT a method we use for most cleaning projects.
Using too much psi can strip the paint off stucco, blow siding up and off, or burn holes through wood or dryvit
                                  Our system is a
SOFT WASH technique.

Cleaner types can be bought at your local hardware store but don't always pack the punch to get the job done
right or if at all!!
Professional cleaners are highly concentrated and require the
proper mixture to achieve the right strength to
complete the job without damage.
To avoid a costly paint job or ruined shingles we are well versed in what cleaners can be used on any particular
surface. Chemistry is involved to create the right formula for each surface type and condition of said surface.
This insures a most appealing outcome without causing damage.

Equipment used by professionals is very costly and is designed to provide optimum results in the various
cleaning processes needed to complete the many facets of your residence.
There are many controls designed in the equipment to alter the water flow and temperature.
In utilizing these functions of the machine requires experience and technique.

"So all in all, to achieve the professional look you would like to see take a moment to ponder, if the
cleaners and store rented equipment is going to perform as well as a professional cleaning."
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