These are homes in a subdivision with an average age of 7-8 years.
There are variations in the algae growth and depending on the buildings orientation the growth
appears to adhere to the roof structures in sometimes unusual and unpredictable manners.
Typically a northern exposure is the common starting point.
Algae coated asphalt ridge cap shingled roof
three tab use of non copper coated shingles ridge cap and algae growth
Dirty Tile roof
Light grey asphalt roof covered in black algae
House dormers diverting algae growth from rainwaters
Classic Northern Exposure Algae Growth on Ashphalt Shingles
These are roof's that have a copper granulated shingle to prevent the mold.
However to reduce the cost of the roof installation. A ridge cap of 3 tab non
copper granulated was used in the installation and this is the end result.
It is spreading into the balance of the roof slowly but eventually the copper
granules will succumb to the growth
Heavily Infested Shingles-
But with a Soft Wash Cleaning followed with by an
inspection can save this homeowner about $7000.00
This roof is actually a light grey shingle!
While this roof appears to not have to
much growth in taking a closer view
reveals this is pretty dirty. This roof
needs a Soft Wash Cleaning to restore
the natural beauty of the clay tiles.
The dormers on this roof have been diverting the water flow as
seen in the areas below them. But the growth is taking over that
area as well and in time will fill the voids until it is covered.
This homes can be restored fairly easily
Classical Northern Exposure and the growth will continue.
This roof could benefit from a Soft Wash Cleaning to save
from future granule losses within the shingle matting
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Presidential Pressure Washing